fr_buttonOn-Site Laboratory

Housing an on-site lab, the McLeod Optometry Clinic believes that convenience is critical to our patients.  Being able to complete many single vision prescriptions on-site and while you wait, the lab allows us to not only manufacture lenses quickly, but also to repair a patient’s frame in a timely manner. 

MrBlueThe convenience of an on-site lab is especially helpful for patients who choose to reuse older frames when updating to a new prescription.  Previously, the option of reusing an older frame was hindered by the reality of having to send the frame to an outside lab for mounting.  This process, at best, would typically require the patient to be without their glasses for 2-3 days while the new lenses are fit. 

By employing a full-time lab technician, we are able to eliminate the delay of outsourcing those eyeglasses.  At the time of the order, the necessary measurements and information is taken, and then forwarded to the lab.  When the lenses have been processed, the patient is then notified, and an appointment can be booked to mount the lenses in the frame.  This process typically takes 20-30 minutes and is done by appointment at your convenience. 

In June 2009, ‘Mr. Blue’ was added to our team.  A high-tech edger that allows us to cut lenses in to frames, the McLeod Optometry clinic was among the first labs in North America to acquire this technology. 

Mr. Blue allows for a higher level of accuracy to be obtained in the finishing of lenses.  Not only are specialty orders able to be processed on site, however more complicated ‘rimless’ jobs which were previously arduously processed, are now able to be done on-site, and while the patient waits. 

We believe that high quality eyewear is not a luxury but a necessity; every pair of glasses that leaves our lab is completely guaranteed and made to measure based on each individual’s prescriptions and needs.